Written by Rebecca Osborne

A sweet play about young love and fishing.



FRED: 10, Emily’s little brother. Trying to figure out girls. Uses highly animated gestures to mimic Cindy, including the way she walks. When talking about her, he makes fun of her by using his hands to represent the pinching claws/hands of a craw dad. Fred is very kind to Melissa, treating her like a little sister.

MELISSA JONES: 8, Jason’s kid sister. Terrified that somehow Jason will end up marry Cynthia.

EMILY: 17, self-confident, casual, kind, Fred’s big sister.

JASON KIRK JONES: 17, Melissa’s big brother, considered a catch by the girls. Jason is the pitcher for his high school baseball team, the Coyotes.

CYNTHIA LOUISE CRADWELL: 17 – Snooty. Perfectly manicured from head to toe.

Ages can be adjusted slightly to accommodate the available actors. Fred and Melissa should remain considerably younger than Emily, Jason and Cynthia.