The Cherry Blossom

By Kyle Philip Jackola

“It is dishonorable to tell a lie…”

A young boy asks his father to train him in the ways of the Samurai, but before he can begin he must learn about the responsibilities that come with the title. Adapted from the folk myth of George Washington and the cherry tree.

SUGIYOSHI (SUGI) SHINOHARA: 10, male, a young boy living in feudal Japan. His world view is driven by dreams of his future heroic deeds and displays of valor as a Samurai.

HISASHI SHINOHARA: 30-40, male, Hisashi’s father. A Samurai. Even tempered with a calm understanding about the true nature of the warrior’s heart.

GREAT CRANE: 20-30, female, a mythical god-like creature. Majestic, just, and compassionate. She is the embodiment of creation and entropy.