The Go-Between

Written by Roy Proctor

After a young lady spurns her beau because she suspects him of philandering, he follows her into a park in one final effort to make amends before embarking on a new life in Alaska. Since the young lady refuses to listen to his entreaties, he enlists a street-wise boy to be his go-between. Trouble is, the boy continually confuses what he’s supposed to say. Can the remnants of their romance survive this continual miscommunication?



HE, 25, handsome, fashionably dressed

SHE, 22, pretty, fashionably dressed

BOY, early teens, in need of a scrubbing, dressed one step up from a street urchin; proud of his tweed golf cap, which he wears at a jaunty angle.

MALE VOICE (offstage; can be recorded)