Amusing Willie

Written by Donald Loftus

WILLIE, a British playwright quickly learns that everybody is a critic as he tries to convince his three female muses that his new play about “star-crossed” lovers is terrific! The muses remind him of past works where he ignored their advice, and of the unhappy outcomes each suffered as a result.



WILLIE,  40,  A British playwright.

CALLIOPE,  70+, British. The  boss  Muse. Very  Proper.  Very British.  The Dame Judy  Dench/Maggie  Smith of the Muses.

ERATO, 50+, Cockney.  The wild Muse. She is sort of the Cyndi Lauper of the group…  (If  Cyndi  Lauper  were British)

THALIA, 60+, British.  The kind Muse.  She is very critical of Willie’s work,  like the others,  but she tries to be more gentle… just trying to be helpful.