Written by Sean Abley

Chris  and  Darby, two  high  school seniors,  suspect  their classmate  has  returned from  cheer  camp a  zombie.  Will Chris  chop  Jamie’s head  off  and save  the  town from  their  brain-eating ways?



CHRIS  (m/f) Teenager,  son/daughter of the town Sheriff, conspiracy theorist and zombie expert, popular at school, a natural leader.

DARBY  (m/f) Teenager,  easily convinced to do ridiculous things,  a natural follower,  a bit of a nerd but not a  stereotype,  school is important to them.

JAMIE  (m/f) Teenager,  cheerleader, possibly a zombie, but popular and cool otherwise.  The kind of person who becomes a brand ambassador because they have so many online followers.

NICKY  (m/f) Teenager,  always in the wrong place at the wrong time,  zombie bait.

All characters are gender-neutral.  For ease of reading, genders have been chosen for the script, but hosts will change pronouns as needed.