Tricks and Treats

Written by Ken Preuss

Young trick-or-treaters visit the home of an unusual family in a sweet and surprising Halloween comedy that makes one wonder just who is tricking whom.



GILBERT: Male. Young teen. A good natured youngster, costumed as a Burglar. Growing slightly frustrated in his attempt to Trick or Treat. 

ANGIE: Female. Roughly the same age as GILBERT. Trick or Treating the same night. A “mean girl” costumed as a princess. 

DERRICK: Male. 25-50 years old. A slightly confused somewhat suspicious homeowner.

DAPHNE: FEMALE: 25-50 years old. DERRICK’S sweet natured, equally confused wife. 

DEVON: FEMALE or MALE: DERRICK and DAPHNE’S child. May be portrayed as any age, the younger the better.