The Maple Leaf International School Xi’an, China

Please help us welcome The Maple Leaf International school Xi’an, China to their first International Red Eye 10s Play Festival!

The Maple Leaf International School in Xi’an, China’s drama program is still in its infancy. The group just completed its second show ever. For all of these students this is their first experience with western theater. The school currently has a drama club which meets one time a week for an hour. Directors Meaghan Schell and Jackie Edwards feel it’s their duty to bring the well-loved form of western theatre to China.

Even after only two shows, they can see tremendous growth in their students. Imagine putting a whole show together working on it only one hour a week and ending in a fabulous success. The students are thriving as it is one of only a few ways they can really explore their creativity here in China where creative pursuits are generally lower on the priority scale for most students. The drama club currently has about 35 regular students, but as the school itself is new, Schell and Edwards feel confident those numbers will grow.

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